Experience the Sun

In 2012, Sun Life asked us if we could create a series of short films in Asia to celebrate the power and beauty of the sun. After we’d finished pinching ourselves, we leapt at the challenge. Sourcing and working with three talented directors in Hong Kong, Indonesia and the Philippines. Stanley, Joko, Jim – thanks for sharing our enthusiasm.

Experience the Sun – JING YAT

The film 'Jing Yat' is a story set in 1970s Hong Kong, about a young boy's lessons in life as he explores his love of nature and creativity. Ultimately putting his talents to good use, the boy brings happiness into the life of an old lady, whom he befriends with a little help from the sun.

Experience the Sun – ARAW

Araw tells the real life story of the unique Philippines artist Jordan Mang-osan who creates breathtaking works of 'solar art', replacing paints and brushes with a simple magnifying glass. It traces his awakening as a young boy in search of his dream to find the true artist inside of him. In the end, his lessons come thanks to the kind-hearted guidance of an old master and a special 'calling' from the sun, to shine the way forward for him.

Experience the Sun – SUNCATCHERS

Is it possible to bottle happiness? The film is about a little girl and her younger brother who embark on a quest to raise the spirits of everyone in their neighbourhood – by catching rays of sunshine in a jar. While their good intentions are met with skepticism by others, one by one, everyone's lives take a little unexpected turn thanks to the magic bottled up by the two young children.