Tourism Asia. One word says it all.

Tourism Asia. One word says it all.

Something is going on in the world on Asian tourism advertising, and it can be summed up in one word. Literally. And it’s usually an over-the-top adjective.

Incredible India. Amazing Thailand. Exotic Cambodia. Wonderful Indonesia.

It seems as though there is has been some sort of revolutionary new breakthrough in research informing us that the less said the better when it comes to travel. Or is there a current shortage of English copywriting resources in the region that has resulted in one lucky freelancer getting all the jobs? Like, he or she has got it nailed.

When it comes to copy, it was drummed into me at a very young age to keep it short and sweet. Say what you need to say and don’t encumber the reader with unnecessary fluff.

But this inexplicable trend for single-word descriptions is taking it a bit far. At least Malaysia has managed to come up with two words in ‘Truly Asia’ (at least that seems to have a modicum of strategic thinking implied in it, as with 100% New Zealand).

What makes it even more ominous is that in almost every case, the absence of a proper strategy is underlined even more when these ‘slogans’ are seen as the exclamation mark dotted on the end of up old-as-hat clichéd television commercials which are consist of the same tired old vignettes which result in nothing more than a filmic guide through that country’s holiday brochure.

Stunning, beautiful landscapes. Pristine blue water with untouched natural wonders. And the same old perfect thirty-something Caucasian couple having the romantic time of their lives interacting with healthy looking natives who have inexplicably beatific smiles on their faces. It all results in a tourist wonderland at the end of which you can plonk one word which sums it all up.

Fantastic. Remarkable. Spiffing. Jolly.

Try irritating. It’s a better way of describing the effect these bland, predictable marketing efforts have on the average poor viewer.

Where will it all end? Who else will jump on the bandwagon (or train, boat or plane)?

Here are a few suggestions then, just to jump the gun.

Awesome Australia.

Unstoppable China.

Mysterious Japan.

Expensive Hong Kong.

Crazy North Korea.

I could go on but I might be doing some unsuspecting freelance copywriter out of his or her job.

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