We're all looking for something in life aren't we?
A sense of purpose. Happiness. The right partner.
The right answers perhaps.
Some drag their wandering souls in vain across
the vast landscape of hopelessness that is life in search of it.
Of course, if it's simple, concise creative solutions to
marketing challenges you're looking for,
you might just be in the right place. Step inside...


They used to call it advertising.
But these days of course, it's so so much more than just that. We specialise in coming up with strategically-driven creative ideas that solve marketing and business challenges for our clients. There, that sort of sums it up. And we do that in any size shape form or channel that so befits the need, above the line, below the line, online and anywhere the line might pop up next (these being the days of infinite media innovations). Our philosophy is based on there being a healthy, mutually-respectful relationship between a client and its agency. We believe that when you get all of this right from the start, the rest falls into place. Our clients seem to agree.

Chris Kyme, Co-founder & Creative Director

Chris has spent over 25 years in Asia with multi-national agencies including Leo Burnett, Grey and FCB.
He was the Regional Creative Director and a member of the worldwide creative board at FCB.
He has created some of Hong Kong's best loved ads, trained many of today's creative talents, and produced award-winning work from just about any agency he has worked at, including Kymechow!

Flora Chow, Co-founder & General Manager

Flora has a background in marketing and corporate communications.
She has worked for Ogilvy PR, Dell, Hong Kong Tourism Board and Time Warner.
Her focus in Kymechow is mainly on company management and finance.
She is also a skilled Chinese copywriter.


PRUhealth Critical Illness Multi-care Prestige
PRUHealth Cancer ReCover
Critical Illness Protection Plan
Hong Kong Cancer Fund
Prostate Cancer
Evergreen Growth Saver Campaign
Open Up
Jockey Club Online Youth Emotional Support
Say Yes To Breastfeeding
Fortune Pharmacal
What the cough?
Dah Chong Hong
Corporate Video
Elite Concepts
Whatever Next?
Launch campaign
Lifeline Express
Kerry Properties
Hangzhou Kerry Centre
Right to play
Youth Outreach
Chu Hai College
A New Chu Hai. A New You
Marco Polo Hotels
Employee branding campaign
Elite Concepts
Talking Crab
Nowhere else to go



Transamerica Life Bermuda

Caritas Hong Kong

Elite Concepts


Hong Kong Jockey Club


Lidl HK

Fortune Pharmacal

Youth Outreach

Hong Kong Exchange and Clearings Limited

Chu Hai College of Higher Education

Kerry Properties


Hong Kong Cancer Fund

Aon Hewitt


Children's Cancer Foundation



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